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Sunil Forging is synonymous with quality and we fulfill this promise with the help of strict and reliable in house facilities like hardness testing machines, Non Destructive Testing Machines. We use only Vaccum Degassed and Bottom Poured Ingots for our forging. Every incoming Raw Materials are chemically and physically tested. All the Raw Materials are marked with Job Numbers to identify the traceability of forgings. In house mechanical & chemical testing facility in our Lab. The forgings are dispatched only after through checking by our quality controllers and only after their clearances they are dispatched. All the Machineries and Equipments are regularly calibrated as per their schedule. All records are maintained and are available for customer references.

    Testing Facilities

  • Latest Ultrasonic Testing Machine – EEC Make
  • MPI Machine
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Dynamic Hardness Tester
  • Brinell Hardness Tester
  • Share Pin Harness Tester